Rapid All - 4kg

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Rapid All is an excellent, all natural, biodegradable, pH neutral cleaner, containing naturally occurring microbes that remediate oil, grease and organic matter that will safely clean surfaces and deeply embedded dirt. For specialized cleaning and degreasing of all surfaces including floors, concrete, brick, all types of metal, walls and counter tops. This aggressive cleaner/degreaser quickly penetrates through tough grease and grime.


Rapid All is specially formulated for residential and commercial septic systems, septic holding tanks and drain fields. It's an organic product that accelerates degradation and liquefaction of organic and human waste and suppresses unpleasant odours in residential and commercial septic systems. Rapid All™’s proprietary microbial consortium, combined with organic matter derived from the forestry industry, has an exceptional ability to accelerate the breakdown of difficult-to-degrade organic compounds in aerobic and anaerobic environments. Its robust patented blend attacks in-line blockages, and periodic treatment keeps septic system pipes open and flowing year-round.


A blend of non-pathogenic microorganisms and nutrients derived from the forestry industry that rapidly digests a wide assortment of proteins, starches, fats, carbohydrates, fibres, and excreta that contribute to murky water, reduced oxygen, and the build-up of suspended solids and bottom sediments in ponds, fountains, and other water features. Rapid All biologically removes nutrient overload, improving water quality and clarity without harming plants, fish, and other aquatic life. This digestion of excess nutrients and organic materials helps eliminate suspended solids, cloudy water, sediment build-up, and foul odours. Rapid All is effective in both salt and fresh water.