Personal Protective Kits

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On-The-Go Personal Protective Kit

On-The-Go Personal Protective Kit

We understand how important it is for everyone to be protected when out in public. We are all anxious to get back to resuming normal life and enjoying the activities and services we are all accustomed to. By protecting ourselves, we are protecting everyone else we come into contact with.

ON-THE-GO PERSONAL PROTECTIVE KIT is designed to offer Personal Protection for you and everyone you come into contact with at crowds, airports and planes, public transit, stadiums, hotels, movie theatres, sporting events, public events, shopping malls... anywhere!

ON-THE-GO PERSONAL PROTECTIVE KIT comes prepackaged with an adult 3-play mask, a pair of biodegradable and transparent gloves, and a non-alcoholic disinfectant wipe.




Children's On-The-Go Personal Protective Kit

Each kit includes the following:

  • (5) Children’s 3-Ply Masks with an ear loop and cartilage nose bridge structural design. Each mask comes sterilized and individually wrapped, complete with fun cartoon characters and different colourful patterns.
  • (2) Pairs of P.V.C. gloves, available in small and extra small.
  • (1) Child's face shield, designed with different colours and cartoon characters to choose from.
  • (10) Non-alcoholic anti-bacterial wipes, infused with essence of Vitamin E.
  • (1) Child's carrying case, designed with different colours and cartoon characters to choose from.