Non-Slip Safety Solutions

Non-Slip™ Safety Solutions is a Canadian firm that has been experimenting with processes that combines all of the last 20 years of slip-resistant technology into an absolute fool-proof Slip Resistive Floor Safety Treatment and a Slip Resistive Porcelain Bathtub Treatment, without damaging the integrity of the surface, making it safer than ever before imagined. We use specially formulated cleaners, which on their own bring up the co-efficient of friction (C.O.F.). We then expand the porosity of the tiles to allow access to use a sealer, which is then absorbed into and overlaps onto the treated surface. This is a truly unique process.

  • Non-Slip™ Safety Solutions ensures our process is working by always testing before, during and after the process with an accurate American Standard Slip Meter. Non-Slip™ Safety Solutions is the only company that not only guarantees to make the floors slip-resistive, but also seals the floor and grout, preventing grease, oil, dirt, soapy residues and most molecular compounds from penetrating the surface.
  • Non-Slip™ Safety Solutions is able to raise the level of C.O.F. of a floor that has water, soap and slimy residues up from a tested C.O.F. of .26 wet to an incredible C.O.F. of .68 to .78 wet EVERY TIME! Non-Slip™ Safety Solutions will not dull or tarnish any glaze by more than 5 %, using our newly developed combination of chemicals and controlled application process that involves our “SRS” - Slip Resistive Sealer.
  • Non-Slip™ Safety Solutions is the only product guaranteed for 4 years with a full written warranty without having to sign a long maintenance program package to maintain the warranty.
  • Non-Slip™ Safety Solutions is a non-hazard process for both the customer and installer. There is no down time, making the floor or tub surface ready to use immediately after installation.

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